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Monday, 20 August 2012 20:47

Pampers Change 'N Go

Pampers Change 'n GoAt the beginning of baby diaper history generally it was used a simple textile piece of cotton for this type of articles. This could be washed and reused many times but with poor performance and bulky appearance. To improve it evolved in a disposable product using high absorbtion powder in the core that allowed a slimmer product.

Moreover other features were added to the same disposable product (elastic panel, mechanical closures, printed and very soft materials). It is today a product so sophisticated that is a pity to throw it away after a single use. Many producers have been looking a way to improve the effectiveness of single diaper and increase its life. At the beginning it was obtained simply by increasing total capacity of absorbtion for a single diaper. But very soon it was clear it was not a direction suitable for ever.

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