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Wednesday, 29 August 2012 16:42

Fluffless Core: technology and process

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A new trend in disposable diaper business is to reduce as much as possible fluff amount into the product core. Fluff is only one of core components and not the most absorbent!

Monday, 27 August 2012 22:06

Embossing Process Issues

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embossing dieRotary embossing systems are tools that have traditionally been used to emboss the webs that form absorbent hygiene products. Typical embossing systems include rotary embossing rolls and cooperating, rotary anvil rolls. Different embossment dies can be fixed to rotary embossing rolls to produce a variety of desired embossment regions for absorbent articles. 

A typical embossed products, such as feminine sanitary napkin comprises a topsheet, absorbent core and backsheet. The latter is usually attached to the topsheet prior to the embossment phase. The attachment of the backsheet to the absorbent core prior to embossment usually limits the depth of the embossment regions, as if the embossment is too deep the backsheet may be damaged during the embossment process, such as by cutting or tearing the backsheet. 

Sunday, 26 August 2012 13:59

Fameccanica introduces Janus

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Janus DiaperRecently Fameccanica.Data introduced a new machine to produce training pants named Janus. This is a very interesting concept because take its basis from a different product design compared to the ones we can currently find on the market. We can say it is a tentative for Fameccanica to try to became a product innovator and not to simply follow requirements of their clients.

Nowadays training pants (or pull on diapers) are made following 3 typical designs: 

1.- diaper with full-waist elasticization by means of transversal elastic threads and with side sealing. This is a typical design used from many years in Asia and still used from majority of diaper producers. 

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