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Monday, 29 October 2012 06:20

Drylock Technologies : a new player in the diaper arena

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Drylock Diaper Drylock Diaper

After many rumors the new diaper from Drylock Technologies has been released. It is currently sold under brand Toujours as private label for supermarket chain Lidl.

It started in Germany and it is expected to spread in other country depending on the capacity of new diaper manufacturer.

Drylock Technologyes is the new venture of a long-time private label hygiene executive Bart Van Malderen that is getting back into European diaper markets. The biggest distinctive feature of this venture is that diapers they are going to produce will be the first fully fluffless diaper ever (at least for EU market). And they will be the only alternative to DryMax technology from Pampers that introduced a couple of years ago the almost fluffless diaper core. In fact Pampers contains a small amount of fluff (so called curly fibers) in the product altough its main function is to acquire and distribute liquid and not to absorb it.

Core is made of super absorbent polymer encapsulated between 2 layers. The distinctive feature is that SAP is contained in small pockets formed by combination of two layers and are kept in place without (or with a very low amount) additional thermoplastic material but only by means of bonds all over the 2 webs. These bonds are designed to allow controlled and gradual loosening when SAP swallow and expand. This design provide space for SAP volume growth and avoid reduction of SAP performances because of consequent pressure increase after swallowing. More liquid is absorbed and more bonds are broken releasing more space.

The new diaper is made of a new fluffless core consisting of SAP in larger quantity than standard diaper. In order to avoid gel blocking phenomena Drylock uses a very thick acquisition layer (around 150 gsm) that grant some softness to the product. This gives to the product a very thin profile and possibility to claim a great saving in shelf space and transport cost. Additionally it provides great benefit to the user because it fits perfectly as an underwear.

Technology used to produce this core is not so innovative because it is derived by printing process. But it is the first time it is used in diaper manufacturing. It should consists of a drum with a clustering means, an injection nozzle to provide SAP into perforated side of previous means and a system to transport carrier web in a position to properly receive SAP. More info  in the coming days. Stay tuned. 


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