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Monday, 20 August 2012 20:47

Pampers Change 'N Go

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Pampers Change 'n GoAt the beginning of baby diaper history generally it was used a simple textile piece of cotton for this type of articles. This could be washed and reused many times but with poor performance and bulky appearance. To improve it evolved in a disposable product using high absorbtion powder in the core that allowed a slimmer product.

Moreover other features were added to the same disposable product (elastic panel, mechanical closures, printed and very soft materials). It is today a product so sophisticated that is a pity to throw it away after a single use. Many producers have been looking a way to improve the effectiveness of single diaper and increase its life. At the beginning it was obtained simply by increasing total capacity of absorbtion for a single diaper. But very soon it was clear it was not a direction suitable for ever.

A simpler and effective way to extend diaper life was to use inserts or additional cores. Hereunder some applications are listed as example.




Those inserts had a common characteristic, or at least it appears at first glance as such: the absorbent insert typically is removable only from interior. The overgarment must be removed from the wearer in order to remove the insert.

Pampers introduced a new baby diapers in US. For the time being it seems it is available just if ordered on line but we are waiting for some other news in the next weeks (available in store?)

This diaper is very innovative because it introduce a new structure design to include additional functionalities to the standard product.

It is named Change 'N Go and consists of a baby diaper having a replaceble absorbent core. This can be replaced "on the fly" while baby is wearing the diaper.

The great innovation Pamper Change 'N Go brings on the market is the following: from now on there will be no need to remove diaper from the wearer when the insert is needed to be changed.

A few applications, listed here, disclose a specific design





consisting of a pocket, a space between backsheet and topsheet, configured to receive an absobent insert therin. In the backsheet it is provided a slit to easily access to the pocket. Moreover it is provided a flap that is positionable in an open configuration and a closed position. When it is in closed position the flap covers the slit and inhibits contact between the diaper wearer and absorbent insert positioned in the pocket.

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