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Monday, 20 August 2012 20:15

Fluffless Core for Baby Diapers

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fluffless_coreAll baby diaper manufacturers are looking for new and more efficient core structures. Up to now cores are made of a mix of fibers (generally fluff) and superabsorbent polymer (SAP). The firsts represent the matrix to stabilize the second and keep it more or less fixed into the core.

Moreover fibers have the function to distribute fluid along the core and bring to SAP something to swallow. After last developments and new SAP generations this fluff function has became less and less important.

Therefore a goal for all hygiene absorbent product producers is to eliminate usage of fluff and obtain a core made of SAP only. This would lead to a thinner core and less expensive product.

Development stream to obtain a fluffless core is the positioning of SAP in small spot on 2 different webs. Afterwards these spots are covered with a glue and bonded together. The result is a sandwich of 2 webs with SAP in the middle. Number of spots and their positions can be varied along the core obtaining a very low SAP grammage in the back and high density in the central part where capacity is more needed.

Technology used to produce this core is simple because it consists of engraved rolls to distribute SAP at specific rate but be aware because already many patents were already filed to cover almost completely this subject.

Some market tests are already on going from big manufacturer and we can expect some news in the next months.

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