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Saturday, 18 October 2014 11:38

Always enlarge its line up and enter in the incontinence market Featured

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Procter & Gamble in the mid of August launched a new product line into the North American market re-entering again in the adult incontinence field. This line is named Always Discreet and it is specifically designed to improve the way women manage their sensitive bladders and consists of liners, pads and underwear designed to offer comfort, protection and discretion. Moreover it absorbs odors quickly. 

References are 15 and divided in 3 categories: 

- Liners

2 lenghts. Same design and dimensions of a typical pantyliner (OL 190-240mm) with additional capacity to deal with small leaks. In resealable wrapper. 

- Pads

2 lenghts and 3 level of absorbency. Design is taken from feminine hygiene pads. A generous core with appropriate SAP content take after quick leaks typical when slightly incontinent women cough, sneeze or laugh. In addition two leak guards are introduced on the sides to guarantee extra protection against side leaks. In resealable wrapper as well.

- Pants

3 sizes and 2 level of absorbency. All round stretched with a tight waistband and a purple indicator for back side. Even in the pants leak guards are present. Design is pretty nice and actually remind a real textile pant with a feminine touch.

All products have some purple prints to identify absorbent part and make them more stylish. Additionally they are equipped with a odor control technology, absorbing odor immediately after discharge.

According to P&G, Always Discreet pads are up to 40% thinner than the leading brand and absorb twice as much fluid as women may need, based on the average consumer usage of incontinence products.

With Always Discreet, the brand continues to support women in all phases of their lives covering a hole that was created at the end of last century with sales of Attends brand to Paperpak. It was too huge this adult market and growing so quickly especially at home in US that P&G couldn’t ignore anymore. During the last 15 years North American adult incontinence sales have tripled to reach $1.5 billion, according to various sources. Global sales, now at $7 billion, are growing about 8.4% annually, faster than any other paper-based household products.

Most likely P&G capitalized on the experience with Lines Perla, product sold in Italy by Fater (P&G JV) and designed for light feminine incontinence. Although products derive mainly from feminine sanitary napkins P&G acquired a significant market share showing that there was an important potential in such category.


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