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SCA WIPO Applications Q2 2008

WO 2008/060210

WO 2008/060209

WO 2008/060200

WO 2008/060199

WO 2008/058565

WO 2008/054268

All of them disclose a system to reduce odor or infection through the usage of specific substance as monovalent salt, probiotic bacterium/organic acid, peroxy compound. See the applications for further details.


2.- Elastic laminates for improved pant type diapers

Additional applications are related to a new elastic material applied to construction of pant diapers. This material consists of 3 layers (outers of creped nonwoven and inner of elastic film). The laminate is activated through an incremental stretching process. According to SCA this production system should improve the usual laminates that today are available on the market. The possibility to have a specific material to produce a strechable pant with additional feature and less expensive compared to products available on the market today is a key point for SCA to keep on growing in this market sector. Howewer will wait for the next steps in the patent granting process to see if the applications will be successfull.

WO 2008/060205

WO 2008/060204

WO 2008/060194


3.- Improved brethable backsheets

Some applications are related to new materials to improve breathability. This is a more and more important characteristic to improve comfort of the wearer especially for adult pant diapers.Some brethable materials seem good in terms of porosity but usually at same time they are poor in preventing leakage of liquid. In these months SCA claims a new material for breathable backsheet solving the issue of leakage of liquid through porous material. This material consists of a polymeric material that can change volume in response to liquid contact, presence of ions, change of temperature and as such closing porous when receiving insults - WO 2008/069711 and WO 2008/069752.

Other applications are related to typical belted adult diaper (WO2008/055520) with a specific ratio between belt and chassis widths, sensing magnetic device to detect diaper status (WO 2008/076005) and latest a coating of thermoplastic polymer to improve hydrophobic property of web materials and improve performances of finished product (WO 2008/071202).

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