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Sunday, 19 August 2012 21:21

New Product Development

Companies typically see New Product Development process as the first stage in generating and commercializing new products within the overall strategic process of product life cycle management used to maintain or grow their market share.

NPD is a must for all companies that want to survive in the market and choose their route.

iResolve helps you envision and create products and services that provide value to your customers and result in sustainable (and profitable) product portfolios.

With accessible professionals, a collaborative style, and the kind of tailored solutions you won't get from big consulting mills, iResolve assesses your needs in a flexible and hands-on way. Then we work collaboratively to craft solutions that get your products to market faster and increase customer acceptance.

Start from sharing your product idea and consumer needs and we will take you through all the steps to develop your new product and launch it on the market.

We will bring in not only our proven methodology that all other consulting firms can declare but even our proved wide expertise in product and process development for hygiene absorbent products, personal care and cosmetic industry. These include knowledge of product state of the art design, raw material selection and development, engineering and manufacturing insights.

We provide product assessment and competition monitoring analysis to envision new ideas

We create new product design including raw material selection to match your competitors and satisfy customer needs according your marketing strategy

We fix all development gateway and support the whole development process till the launch on the market

We identify the right process and technology to minimize your investments and risks but guarantee final result

We organise customised consumer tests to check result and validate the whole process before the product launch

Unlike consulting firms that sweep in promising instant transformation, iResolve focuses on making changes in the specific areas that yield the greatest return and lasting improvement. And we leave you with the tools and experience you need to make the changes stick.



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Monday, 30 November -0001 00:00

What We Do

Innovation is the key for success today. No industry is immune. The pressure is on to be the nothing less than the best.

But being the best takes serious change and it's no easy matter.

Innovation requires efforts and competencies. To be the best and not throw away your investment you need specialists that can support you in:

- identify new products and support relevant research and development

- protect new ideas filing properly patent applications

- organise consumer test and validations

- select manufacturing technology and assist start up and commissioning

focused on CPG, cosmetics and hygiene industry.

We can find the right gear for your business showing you different and more efficient ways to do better and innovative products

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011 15:50

Patent Survey Reports

Periodically iResolve publish reports collecting, listing and describing patent filed at international level (PCT) by some important players where valuable info are collected:

- international patents filed for each specific player in a certain period (generally quarterly)

- brief patent description and link to original document for quick download

- outline of new development trends and forecast about possible new products introduction

These reports are used by our customers to be constantly updated on new ideas that are boiling in R&D teams of their competitors. Even though those ideas seem protected by an international  patent there are many reasons it is worth it to receive these updates:

- generate new ideas or simply copy the ones presented because they are not patented in your country;

- prepare some countermeasures and start developing something similar (very often in cooperation with raw material suppliers);

- develop new technologies to answer possible future request for that (or similar) feature.

We provide these IP reports in 2 forms

1.- quarterly (or bi-yearly depending on target) report as standard publication. It is sent as a periodic newsletter, sold by subscription and has a very limited cost.

A sample copy is available for download at this link.

2.- specific survey (by type of feature or target). This is a personalized research and it is carried out for a few customer (ideally 1). If you are interested to receive such an update pleas ask for a personalized quotation.

To subscribe to our newsletter (type 1) go to our ecommerce site here

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