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Procter & Gamble in the mid of August launched a new product line into the North American market re-entering again in the adult incontinence field. This line is named Always Discreet and it is specifically designed to improve the way women manage their sensitive bladders and consists of liners, pads and underwear designed to offer comfort, protection and discretion. Moreover it absorbs odors quickly. 

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Monday, 01 April 2013 20:53

How Drylock Technologies diaper work

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Here below we publish a short animation describing new baby diaper from Drylock Technologies.


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Infinicel - what is made of?

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Infinicel Core

Infinicel is the commercial name used in some countries (like US) to advertise core utilized in P&G sanitary napkins. Formula and process to manufacture this core is very secret and not easy to discover. But using some patents we can make a very reliable guess.

Always Infinity core is composed of relatively thin, collapsed, polymeric foam material that, upon contact with aqueous body fluids, expand and absorb such fluids. These collapsed polymeric foam materials are also sufficiently flexible and soft so as to provide a high degree of comfort to the wearer.

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